Easter Egg Recipe - Food Photography

Happy Easter!!

Chocolate Egg's are obviously popular with this date so I have created some mouth watering recipes to help celebrate.

Creme Egg Waffles
A very simple recipe - Waffles, Creme Eggs and melted milk chocolate.

Scotch Pancakes
Oreo's, Creme Egg's and Scotch Pancakes.





Pancake Day 2016 - Hull Food Photography

Isn't Pancake Day an amazing event? Okay, it's not really big enough to be a national holiday but it's amazing how everyone will crave a single food for one day.

This year, the pancakes I was to photograph were of a different design. They were indeed, high protein pancakes. No, this doesn't mean they're sprinkled with chicken but instead fruit and zero calorie sauces...and they're still very, very tasty!!

Monstersupplements, the sports nutrition giant based in Hull had requested that I photograph their 3 main recipes which were to be used on their website and their social media to increase customer engagement.

Using a transportable Photography studio, I paid a visit to their main offices in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire. My idea was to decorate the photo with the main ingredients which were used in the pancakes such as the protein powder and zero calorie sauces. Please see below for my latest work for my food photography portfolio... ENJOY!!

I'm sure you're mouth is watering and if you're interested in my services for food photography, please visit my 'Contact' page. I cover the whole of Yorkshire including Leeds, Hull, York and also Lincolnshire.


Yorkshire Christening Photography in Beeford - Edward


Yorkshire Christening Photography in Beeford - Edward

Edwards’s Christening was a fantastic day filled with celebration with family & friends.

The christening was held at the parish church of St Leonard in Beeford, East Yorkshire.

I started the shoot straight away before the actual ceremony and with my "behind the scenes" approach. You can see this method worked perfectly as it allowed me to capture those true moments that aren't artificial but are brilliantly natural.

If you you have any questions about my services, please visit my contact page.


Wedding Photography Hull - Katie & Lewis Peacock


Wedding Photography Hull - Katie & Lewis Peacock

I had the pleasure to be chosen as Lewis & Katies wedding photographer for their big day in August!
One of the most relaxed and family orientated weddings I have been too. The wedding venue was at the Guildhall in Hull and their reception was in a pretty little Village in Roos. This was held at the family home and the whole garden was transformed! The sweet stall was pretty awesome :)

Katie and Lewis had opted for the full day wedding package which meant I was at the family home bright and early for the Bridal preparation. This was of course followed by photographs of the ceremony and finished with the reception were everybody could let their hair down.

As a relaxed wedding photographer, it was very enjoyable to photograph the full day. Here are some wedding photos from the day. Enjoy!



Three Day Millionaires - Band Photography Hull

Photoshoot with Three Day Millionaires

It was a great experience to shoot these guys live again.

This shoot also came at a big time for the band as it was their EP launch night in Hull. They were rightly giving a brilliant recepotion and below you can find some photographs from the band live.




Afternoon Tea - Food Photography.

This week brought the shoot of the soon to be released "Afternoon Tea" for The Gardeners Country Inn just outside of Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire.

It's a special treat with freshly cut finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones, teacakes, cream & jam. It had the works!

It's beautifully presented so deserved the photographs to serve it justice:

afternoon tea photography hull
Food photography yorkshire

There is some great food in Yorkshire...

Jack Gray Photography



Band Photography - First Experience and Tips.

So.. In this blog I'm going to give you some tips on shooting a live band. This topic came about after I had my first opportunity to photograph a band. This was a bit of a challenge as I knew the lighting would be far from ideal but was still very exciting!

Here are some tips:

Notice the details

Think outside the box and photograph the smaller details such as the bands kit, notes and equipment.

Yes your main photo's from the shoot will be of the band itself but capturing the smaller details as this will beef up your album.

Here's an example from my first shoot. It's simply the badges on a guitar but with the depth of field and play on colour, you have yourself and interesting photo!




Be a fly on the wall

You want to capture those natural moments so at times try to keep out of sight. Those natural shots are far more compelling than a set-up one.  I'm not telling you to hide behind a bin but make sure you keep a small distance and don't be shooting in peoples faces. By doing this, you're more likely to get those photo's that shows the band working together, preparing before they perform and bonding.

Another example from my first shoot ->






Shoot Manual

You'll be expected to get some action shots which can be difficult with the constant change in lighting. If you shoot manual, you have the option to change the ISO settings & aperture so that you can decrease the noise & grain in your photo's. Having a high ISO setting is imperative in low light situations. However, if the stage lights increase you'll want to lower the ISO so you don't over expose the image.

If you balance shutter speed speed, aperture and ISO you will get the desired exposure.

Also, shooting manual means you can constantly change the depth of field. Trying to get all the members of the band in one shoot would mean a higher depth of field where as a single band member or smaller detail would look better with a lower depth of field.

However, do revise your camera settings and know how a change will effect the final photo as in some cases, you only have minutes to photograph!






Shoot in Colour

I would agree that most photographs of a band look better in black & white but don't completely rule out colour. if you shoot in just black & white, the final album will be just one dimensional. Remember, you can change your images to black & white later!

RAW.. not JPEG

There are so many reasons to shoot RAW over JPEG in almost every situation and you have that many reasons for shooting in RAW for a live show. Lighting is your biggest challenge and any flaws in your photo can more easily be rectified if the image is a RAW format.



Thank you for reading and I hope this was in some way helpful!

Jack Gray Photography :)



Solar Eclipse 2015.

March 20th, 2015. The day the UK got to see the solar eclipse!

The last time I had the chance to see this was 1999. I was far more excited this time around as I had an SLR and I understood the rarity of this event.... and I wasn't 8.

Photographing the eclipse was always going to be difficult if I wanted to produce something different to all of the other photographs from that day. This was going to be one of the most photographed events of the year so the task of taking a unique photo looked challenging.

The conditions of the day were different to what I hoped, everybody had asked for a clear sky but this was not the case. The clouds soon appeared in the morning and stayed that way for the whole event. However, this played to my advantage. Due to the clouds, the ISO settings had to be drastically changed which created a spooky atmosphere. With the unexpected setting, I decided to photograph the eclipse with a tree which proved to be a fantastic silhouette. 

After many, many shots, I still didn't feel satisfied that I had produced something different. Yes it was a little more creative but still didn't have an immense "wow" factor. Time was against me as the moon was retreating away from the sun but then came the stroke of luck I wished for. A bird flew straight in front of my camera and as I pressed the shutter, I knew that I had my photo.

My memory card went straight into my PC and there it was! Only a small amount of editing was applied, the brightness increased just a little, the image slightly cropped and it was done.

Here it is: