Isn't Pancake Day an amazing event? Okay, it's not really big enough to be a national holiday but it's amazing how everyone will crave a single food for one day.

This year, the pancakes I was to photograph were of a different design. They were indeed, high protein pancakes. No, this doesn't mean they're sprinkled with chicken but instead fruit and zero calorie sauces...and they're still very, very tasty!!

Monstersupplements, the sports nutrition giant based in Hull had requested that I photograph their 3 main recipes which were to be used on their website and their social media to increase customer engagement.

Using a transportable Photography studio, I paid a visit to their main offices in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire. My idea was to decorate the photo with the main ingredients which were used in the pancakes such as the protein powder and zero calorie sauces. Please see below for my latest work for my food photography portfolio... ENJOY!!

I'm sure you're mouth is watering and if you're interested in my services for food photography, please visit my 'Contact' page. I cover the whole of Yorkshire including Leeds, Hull, York and also Lincolnshire.